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Dog BeachJupiter Dog Beach

Dog Beach Jupiter FL

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Jupiter is home to one of the last friendly dog beaches around. Dogs are allowed on the beach between dune walkovers 26-57, or approximately between Ocean Cay Park and Carlin Park. Click here to see a map Jupiter-beaches-map-pdf of Jupiter’s dog beach.

Owners are responsible for removing any animal waste on any areas of the beaches, walkways or recreational areas. Dogs must not create a nuisance while on the beach or in the recreational corridor. Nuisances are behaviors that disturb or endanger the comfort, peace or safety of others, such as habitual barking, whining, howling, or chasing people or vehicles. Dogs must be under control, either on a leash or near a responsible person and obediently under voice command. Dogs must have proper tags and licenses worn visibly and securely around the neck, and must show evidence of vaccination for rabies.